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Plans and request for your input!

Now that the original site is officially gone😭I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I thought of a few tips and other information that has since been debunked, corrected, or otherwise shown to be inaccurate or even harmful. I want to correct that so I’m planning to post the original Inedia’s tips list with corrections for the tips that need correcting and some elaboration on others, given all we’ve learned since then. I have saved PDF’s of all the Inedia pages and raw documents of the material so don’t worry, even though the site has been removed it might be officially gone, but it’ll never be truly gone. I am very sentimental about the first sites I saw when I first discovered pro ana and there are a few that seem entirely wiped from the internet that I desperately wish I could see again even if they were inactive, because they were such a part of my life at the time. So if Inedia is that site for anyone, I don’t want it to ever completely disappear. ♡

Anyway, given that plan for the Tips page, I want to ask what else you would like to see. Should I go through the other pages and do similar or just post fresh information? Should I format this version more like the old site or try for something completely new? (Honestly I’m still learning WordPress, I have a lot going on but I want to utilize the features more.) What topics/content are most important to you now?

PLEASE comment!! I mostly get a bunch of spam bots and wasn’t sure anyone real was actually visiting. For people who do, I would love your feedback or even your contributions (credited however you like ofc.) I hope to see your comments and I plan to have more content for you soon!

Here’s to a perfect new year where all your goals come true 💕


Hacked – sorry for spam!

I came on here to see something like 100 disgusting spam posts w/sexual content. I’m really sorry, I don’t know how this happened! I would never post anything like that!! I hope this didn’t drive anyone away from the site. Unfortunately in my rush to get all of it deleted I deleted a real post too. :/ What a frustrating thing to find. Anyway I’m sorry to everyone who read something offensive. Hoping to figure out how to prevent this from ever happening again.

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Hello and welcome to the new Inedia! As of now, it appears the original page is still intact on Webs but I wanted to move forward with the new site anyway. This incarnation will be a more modern and dynamic style site with updated, current information. The original site has been archived and when/if Webs really does stop hosting, the archived version will be moved here also. This site will also have more freedom regarding content because rather than being hosted by a service like Webs, an awesome friend is hosting the site on their own server, so we won’t be subject to the same censorship as before. This is great because as you have probably noticed, pro-ed/ana/mia spaces are becoming more censored than ever. Even when it is actually counterproductive to do so: for example, Webs prohibited Mia content or even the mention of the word “purging,” which of course includes any kind of safety warnings or harm reduction tips. So I can expand on content in general and I’m hoping to include a lot more images. The last site was made before smart phones were common, so most people were accessing from a computer and I didn’t want large images visible in case someone came up behind the person while viewing the site. Now that most use is probably mobile, I’m planning to include a lot more images, get a more visually engaging look. Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you like it!