Halloween Thinspo

Halloween is really motivational for me! It’s getting cooler which is nice, big sweaters and tea/coffee weather, and no more trying to exercise in the heat. Of course most of all it’s the costumes. And the aesthetic, gothic, witchy, skeletons (maybe a little obvious, but how ridiculous would a fat person in a skeleton costume look??), vampires, the whole season is perfect for waifish and supernatural looks. I’ll post just a regular autumn thinspo post too but if you love Halloween as much as I do, then enjoy this Halloween thinspo!

Thrive Or Survive — Halloween/Costume Thinspo
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And here are some cute “aesthetic” diets to try if you want! I haven’t tried any of these. Sometimes it helps make things more “fun” or interesting to be following a plan like this. Remember to be as safe as possible!

nitternitterLia on Twitter: "a thread of the diets I made yesterday :) #edtwt #diet  #diets #edtwtdiet #edtwtdiets" / Twitternitter
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(I saw a few versions of this; this was the lowest cals)

Comment your results if you try one!! Or tell me which one I should try, since they’re only about a week each. Lately I’ve just been fasting or liquid fasting. But it might be fun to mix things up!

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